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Buying Or Renting, Which Is The Better Option?

Buying a house is a big decision. It is a decision that requires a significant amount of research and homework. So, maybe you are renting for the last couple of years and now plan to move. A normal

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How Rising Interest Rates Affect the Real Estate Market

Buying a house is seen as an investment decision. Whether you are flipping a house, renting one or purchasing one to live in, you see this purchase as an investment decision that will be expected to

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How to Flip a House

If you are a fan of HGTV you already know what the term “flipping houses” means.  Flipping houses is the process of buying a property below the market price and then quickly selling

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Should You Rent Your House? How to Make the Right Decision

Buying a house is an investment that brings along a number of financial benefits for the owner. Once the real estate market has improved, you can make a profit by selling the house at a higher.

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